1 HaRav Shim'on Agasi, Harnof, Jerusalem, ISRAEL

About Us

Yeshivat Baalei Daat is run under the auspices of GoSephardic- a program that is reaching out to the entire English-speaking Sephardic communities across the entire world.

The Rabbis and staff, all of Sephardic descent, are dedicated to helping every student develop into a well-balanced, knowledgeable and mature Jew, with the skills, passion and desire to continue growing from any level they are holding on.

hnnThe Yeshiva is located in the tranquil neighborhood of Harnoff, the heart of Jerusalem, the heart of Israel. Yeshiva Baalei Daat takes great pleasure in showing you our facility which is perhaps the most unique Yeshiva campus anywhere in Israel. Within steps of the Yeshiva is a neighborhood where our students can find all the amenities they may need. The Yeshiva is situated in close proximity to restaurants, pharmacies,  and supermarkets and is within walking distance of the center of town and the Central Bus Station.

The students share spacious rooms with 3 roommates. Each of these rooms has its own rest room and shower facility. Weekly laundry service is available for an extra charge. Our Beit Midrash will provide our students with a wonderful environment in which to learn.

Our students are provided with three meals a day during the week and a full Shabbat menu when they are in residence in our fully equipped cafeteria.

In recent years, we have been witness to an overflowing growth within the Sephardic Communities. Sephardic Youth from all over the world are thirsty for their heritage and connection to Torah. Thousands of participants on various programs and hundreds of young leaders coming to Israel on innovative and inspirational trips, and the need for something has developed. The first English speaking Sephardic Yeshiva in Jerusalem – Yeshivat Baalei Daat.

Located in Har Nof, Jerusalem- in the same neighbourhood as one of the greatest leaders of the generation. Home to Maran Harav Ovadia Yosef and Kollel Yechave Daat, under the direct auspices of Hagaon Rav Daveed Yosef, the Yeshiva is in the perfect location for anyone seriously interested in growth.

A full range of Jewish studies including:

  • Chumash / Tanach
  • Halacha [Jewish Law]
  • Mishna
  • Gemara [in chavruta]
  • Philosophy & Hashkafa
  • Hebrew Ulpan
  • Jewish history
  • Mysticism
  • Lectures and chavruta

Numerous levels provide classes that meet the learning needs of beginners, all the way through advanced students.

One of the most notable aspects of Yeshivat Baalei Daat, is its close-knit, comfortable and familial environment. The staff and students form a close and supportive community which continues even after students leave.

“At Yeshivat Baalei Daat, we strive to reveal the depth, beauty, and excitement of Torah. Our goal is to give over the tools that will allow the students to study well after they have left the walls of the Yeshiva. Active engagement in the process of learning allows our students to develop their own personal attachment to Torah. We strive to give over the rich Sephardic heritage that makes their learning experience personal and brings passion to their growth.”

R’ Chaim Levy – Dean & Founder

“My goal as a Halacha teacher is to give the student a clear understanding of contemporary halacha, familiarizing them with the Sephardic text and its modern application and giving them the tools to continue their studies wherever life takes them. As a Gemara teacher, I strive to prepare the students with the skills to be able to learn Talmud on their own and see the practical applications in their daily lives.”

R’ Eli Beda – Teacher