1 HaRav Shim'on Agasi, Harnof, Jerusalem, ISRAEL


General Questions

How long must I apply for?

There is no minimum. Come to try BD for any time, from 1 week to over a year. Apply for the amount of time you feel comfortable with. We suggest a month- that allows you to settle in, get used to the space.

Is Israel safe?

We’re here and doing well, B”H.

Do I have to wear black and white

No- students are encouraged to dress as they normally would. We just ask that they dress modestly when in the yeshiva.

How do I get a travelling VISA?

If you have a Canadian or US passport, you automatically get a 3 month visa. After that, you can extend it for free by going to the Mizrad haPnim (Government Office).

How do I get medical insurance?

Simply sign up for a 1$/day student plan through Egert & Cohen.

How do I get a cell phone?

You can either unlock your own cell phone and buy a cheap SIM card here or join a plan like Talk -N-Save. Incoming calls are always free (so you can have your parents call you anytime), outgoing minutes can be unlimited or purchased as a pay-as- you-go.

Do you have wifi/Internet access?

No, however you are welcome to share it from one of the other students. You could also get an internet USB stick or 3g plan with your phone.

I've never learned in Yeshiva, and I can barely read Hebrew, is this for me?

Baalei Daat has many programs, from beginner, to intermediate and to advanced. Don’t worry about fitting in because there are many other guys there who are at your level.

Do I have free time to chill?

Yes- students have breaks every day from 1-3pm, as well as nights. If one requires more time off, our staff will gladly oblige. Do keep in mind however that the breaks are there to come back energized to learn.

In Israel

How do I get from the airport to the Yeshiva?

That’s up to you! Catch a taxi (about $75) or do what everyone does- jump on a shirut (minibus) (about $20). Give them the yeshiva’s address and you’re good to go!

Where do we sleep?

BD offers dorms for the students. Each person shares a room with 1-3 other students, while living in an apartment near the yeshiva. Each appartment has a kitchen, shower and living room.

Are there meals?

Meals are provided three times a day.

What about Shabbat meals?

Shabbat meals are provided optionally if you’d like. You are set up to go eat by really great host families.

Can I go visit my family for Shabbat?

Yes. It is up to the student to make arrangements.

What if I find the yeshiva too intense? I've never done this before!

No worries! BD understands where you come from. Perhaps the beginner or intermediate program is more suited for you- that means that you can take shorter classes, have some half-days and vacation days. Though this is a serious yeshiva, we also know that you cannot be over-burdened.

Can I extend my stay once I'm there?

Most probably. The costs of changing the plane ticket can vary based on the season you are flying, and perhaps we can work something out.

Is there laundry there?

You can easily drop off your laundry nearby. Yeshiva students receive a special discount.

Must I bring pillows and sheets?

It is preferable, but if not, the Yeshiva will provide them.

What's the weather like?

Great! Click here to see for yourself.