1 HaRav Shim'on Agasi, Harnof, Jerusalem, ISRAEL


What makes it special: There is no place like home and Baalei Daat has the warm family atmosphere and environment that hundreds of students have called home. We have a number of different focuses for students of all levels of learning:


Getting your journey started requires guidance and direction.  In Genesis, we provide students with clarity and focus on the basics of Judaism and Torah thought.  We discuss various topics like why we pray, the roots behind the commandments, and why it’s special and what it means to be Jewish; not to mention the spontaneous Q&A sessions.


This is the place for those students who have already embarked on their journey towards serious learning but need direction in learning. The goal of this level is to build your skills so you can map out your learning clearly.  Foundations leads the way in developing familiarity with the siddur, gaining language skills, and learning to read and write in Hebrew.

Bet Midrash

The Bet Midrash level is designed to allow us to do what we do best: Teach you how to learn Talmud!!  In this level you will be exposed to in depth thinking and will be delve into the heart of Talmudic learning.  You’ll spend your time navigating the oceans of Jewish knowledge while gaining the skills necessary to learn with more independence.


Once you’ve immersed yourself in the world of Talmud and have the skills to cover the breadth and depth of Talmudic lore, it’s time to move into our Pre-Smicha program.  Many of our students have advanced to the most illustrious kollels in Israel and have become rabbis themselves.  Our goal is to get you to that level with our Pre-Smicha program.  At this level you’ll be learning Gemara and Halacha from some of the most prestigious Talmidei Chachamim in Yerushalayim.

Kollel Shirat David

At Kollel Shirat David, a group of hand selected young scholars will advance their own scholarship, and they will be involved with the scholarship of those that are at beginner levels. Whether these scholars proceed into the Rabbinic world or proceed to the working world, they experience teaching Torah and are taught to understanding the needs of the Jewish people. View details on www.gosephardic.com/ShiratDavid.