1 HaRav Shim'on Agasi, Harnof, Jerusalem, ISRAEL

Staff & Leaders

Baalei Daat’s staff of highly qualified Jewish educators have been hand picked to provide an exciting and challenging learning experience which combines textual study and inspiration.

Students are encouraged to integrate their learning to real life. They will develop the necessary skills & love of learning to become independent life-long learners of Torah.

Leadership Staff

Rabbi Chaim Levy

Our Rosh HaYeshiva, author, director of GoSephardic, and a renowned lecturer, R’ Levy learns with the boys 1on1, gives theh daily Chumash class, and delivers a weekly lecture on fundamentals of Jewish thought. He is rarely found at his seat; rather he is always interacting with the boys to make sure they are making the most of their time in the Yeshiva. R’ Levy considers every boy in the Yeshiva like family and encourages them like a devoted father. His goal is to make sure all the boys in our Yeshiva grow to be knowledgeable and proud of their Sephardic heritage, taking their knowledge & skills with them wherever they go.

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Rabbi Daveed Yosef

Nasi of the Yeshiva and a leader of the generation, Rabbi Daveed Yosef Shlit”a is considered by many to be a prodigy of his father. He is a Torah Luminary in his own right, having authored numerous books that are the backbone of the Sephardic Halacha world. We merit that the Rabbi has a hands on relationship with the boys, and also serves as a mentor for the Rabbis. His Halachic and Hashkafic authority gives direction and clarity that the boys take with them for the rest of their lives.

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Rabbi Joey Abadi

A shining star, he teaches the beloved “Ta’mim Class” (the reasons of the mitzvot). He reads the Torah in Yehave Daat and is the son of law of the esteemed Rav Daveed Yosef shlita , it is an understatement to say that, “he knows his stuff”. His classes also teach students you how to go through prayer and traditions in the authentic Sephardic style.

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Rabbi Moshe Greenspun

R’ Greenspun gives over one of the highest shiurim. After you have some serious gemarah skills, he brings you into the world of Rishonim. Lets “See what the Rambam or the Bet Yosef says inside!” You can often hear the elated students discussing his class long after it is over. As if this was not enough. R’ Moshe oversees the highly successful night seder, where the boys are paired up with Avreichim/Torah scholars or have set up shiurim for themselves. He has also taken it on himself to run the beloved “Sefer HaChinuch” shiur which discusses all the Torah mitzvot in depth.

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Rabbi Yehezkel Norman

The quintessential builder, R’ Norman will build your skills up from the ground. He teaches you to understand a text, read it properly, and to recognize keywords to make it easier to unravel the page of Gemarah in front of you. But first, walk into his Chumash class, laden with foundations of Jewish thought and skill building techniques.

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Rabbi Yossi Amar

With years of education under his belt, R’ Yossi will help you grow with his thought provoking discussions. Being fluent in English and Hebrew – you are bound to fall in love with his warmth and friendliness. He runs the afternoon seder and you will often see him surrounded with adoring students schmoozing and talking Torah.

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Rabbi Yonathan Avigdorowitz

Whether you want to sharpen your skills on the gemarah or have a question on some other topic, R’ Yonathan is there to help you work through it. No matter if it is a short question or an hour long procession, he is there to guide you through the material that you are learning.

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Rabbi Eliyahu Beda

A successful businessman and married to the granddaughter of the Baba Sali. He gives the powerful “Sheva Yipol Tsadik” class. It is a “game-changer.” discussing how we should look at challenges and how to overcome them.

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Support Staff

Rabbi Eliyahu Scheinerman

It wasn’t enough for R’ Scheinerman to be the administrator of the Yeshiva; he also learns with the boys in need of an extra push. Bringing decades of education and experience, he will make sure all of your needs and handled, both in and out of the Beit Midrash.

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Sarah Simnegar

Mrs. Simnegar runs all the office work related to GoSephardic as well for the yeshiva. She keeps things organized for us to run loose in the bet midrash.

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Guest Lecturers

Rabbi Max Sutton

Originally from Brooklyn NY, R’ Sutton is the head of the illustrious Yechave Daat Beit Din. He presents real life cases of money matters that have come up in his Beit Din. You are bound to be glued to your seat.

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Rabbi Yaakov Hillel

The famed M’kubal (Kabbalist) is the Nasi of Machon Ahavat Shalom. He is fluent in both English and Hebrew and has authored and/or supervised the publishing of many works of both Halachah and Kabbalah. He is responsible for the publication of the Ben Ish Hai in English.

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Rabbi Mordechai Cohen

He is Rosh Kollel of an up-and-coming Kollel in Har Nof. He is fluent in the Halachot of Issur v’Heter (laws of forbidden and permitted foods).

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Rabbi Erez Elharar

Rosh Kollel in Yechave Daat for the Niddah Program. A big Talmid Chacham as well as a charismatic speaker, he’ll definitely leave you wanting more.

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Rabbi Golan Alouf

One of the Roshei Kollelim in Yechave Daat. He is a genius in all areas and aspects of Halachah.

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