1 HaRav Shim'on Agasi, Harnof, Jerusalem, ISRAEL


Baalei Daat’s staff of highly qualified Jewish educators have been hand picked to provide an exciting and challenging learning experience which combines textual study and inspiration.

Students are encouraged to integrate their learning to real life. They will develop the necessary skills & love of learning to become independent life-long learners of Torah.

Rabbi Chaim Levy (Founder and Dean)

Rabbi Chaim Levy is the Director and founder of GoSephardic, an international organization reaching out to the Sephardic communities empowering the next generation of leaders. Author of Anshei Hayil, he is one of the most sought after teachers in the world, known for his relatability, clarity, sense of humour and vast knowledge of Torah. He teaches practical Halacha in accordance with Sephardic Tradition in the Yeshiva, as well as Jewish philosophy.

Rav Alexander Cohen

Rav Alexander Cohen is a noted lecturer and halachic authority in numerous Seminaries in Jerusalem. He is also the Rosh Kollel in the Ramchal Synagogue, mastering all aspects of Torah, including the mystical dimensions  He is known for delving into the secrets of the Torah, as well as being a compassionate teacher.

Rav Abner Sassoon

Rav Abner Sassoon offers the students of the Yeshiva something unique, and that is the tools to learn Gemara. This requires finesse, patience and the skill to bring guys who’ve never learned Talmud to a high level. Besides that, he brings out the incredible lessons and profundity of Torah in his ChumashHalacha and Jewish Thought classes.

Rav Moshe Greenspun

Rav Moshe Greenspun gives our high level shiur, as well as the night classes. His talent is to give you the tools to think and develop awareness to text. His classes are both chilled and personable. In addition to this, he teaches a passionate Nefesh HaChaim class based on the mystical side of Jewish thought.

Rabbi Joey Abadi

A shining star, he teaches the beloved “Ta’mim Class” (the reasons of the mitzvot). He reads the Torah in Yehave Daat and is the son of law of the esteemed Rav Daveed Yosef shlita , it is an understatement to say that, “he knows his stuff”. His classes also teach students you how to go through prayer and traditions in the authentic Sephardic style.

Rav Chai Toledo

For over 20 years, Rav Chai has been helping Jews grow in every aspect of development. A personal life coach and talmid chacham, he delves into one’s psyche, to bring out the strength of each soul. Baalei Daat is blessed to have him teach the students of the Yeshiva how to reach their own potential.